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Join with us in Breaking the Cycle
Thrive Together works to end childhood abuse and neglect, through the direct services with parents and caregivers through support and education to break generational cycles of trauma to ensure current and future generations of children will have safe, stable, and healthy homes and families.


Support our Programs:

  • $25 to provide transportation for children to get to their support services

    $50 to provide the printed materials needed for one parent/caregiver for parenting sessions

    $100 to provide a play therapy session for a child, or trauma-focused therapy for a teen.

    $500 to provide a group session of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) and childcare for foster parents

    $1,000 to provide a clinical assessment to diagnose the root cause of abuse and neglect and provide effective recommendations for treatment

    $3,000 to provide a Parents’ Night Out events to give caregivers a much needed break

    $5,000 to provide 6 months of supervised visitation, parent coaching, case management, drug screens, and transportation for one family

    $10,000 to provide six months of in-home therapy and behavior modification support to a foster family to help them keep children in their homes, as well as individual therapy to support for family members

Monetary Donations

    • Champions of Thrive
      • More than $1,500
    • Friends of Thrive
      • More than $1,000
    • Thrive Cycle Breakers
      • More than $500
    • Community of Thrive
      • Less than $500
    • Recurring Giving Campaign

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are specifically designed to meet your desires, talents, and skills!

Thrive Together has meaningful and flexible volunteer opportunities for anyone who may be interested in giving their time, talents, and skills towards our mission to protect children, rebuild families, and empower caregivers. 

If you or your group are interested in volunteering please call us at: 


If you are interested in interning at Thrive Together, please send an email with your resume and other files to and someone will get in touch with about current openings.


Info to come.

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