One Child at a Time

Breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect one foster child at a time. Your donations help provide services and programs that support and heal these broken children and families. You are helping to build healthier, stronger, and safer environments for these children to live in so that down the road, these same children grow up to provide loving environments

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Ways to Give

• Purchase support services
• List of support (need text?)

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Your donation would support the programs we offer including:

  • Supervised Visitation
  • Parent Coaching
  • Case Management
  • Clinical Assessments
  • Therapy
  • In-home coaching and behavior modification (to prevent foster/adoptive placement disruption)
  • Drug screens

Yearly Pledges

    • Champions of Thrive
      • More than $1,500
    • Friends of Thrive
      • More than $1,000
    • Thrive Cycle Breakers
      • More than $500
    • Community of Thrive
      • Less than $500
    • Recurring Giving Campaign

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We would love to cater an opportunity specific to your desires, talents, and skills!

    Volunteer hours vary based upon your availability! We have one-time opportunities as well as recurring opportunities. Additionally, we have some opportunities working directly with families and some that are helping us prepare to serve families! Depending upon the volunteer opportunity you choose, a background check may be required.

    You can help impact the next generation by simply showing up and helping serve. We love those with a true servant’s heart.

    If you or your group are interested in volunteering please call us.
    Forsyth County Office: (678)-648-6054
    Hall County Office: (678)-723-3890


    If you are interested in interning at Thrive Together, please send an email with your resume and other files to and someone will get in touch with about current openings.


    We can either create a list of bulleted events here or possibly a calendar plug in that gives a quarterly perspective. (need copy)

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